Project Management

Project Managers are thought by many people to be found mainly on large scale civil engineering projects. The role is also shrouded behind jargon such as 'critical path' (definitely somewhere you don't want to be); 'RAG reports'; 'base lining' and 'slippage'.

However, the methodologies and disciplines used by a Project Manager are not technical in nature and are equally applicable in any situation where there is a requirement to deliver some form of change coupled with conflicts for resources: be that money, time or people.

How often do you set out with the best of intentions to implement change or improvement in your business only to be distracted early on by the demands of 'doing the day job' As a result of this conflict your ideas rarely get beyond being on a 'To Do list'.

Using the tricks of the Project Management trade can help ensure that you can achieve even the most demanding of business goals. A Project Manager's job can best be summed up as 'You can only manage what you can measure' and the emphasis is on structured planning to minimising risk.

This can be achieved by breaking down radical business changes or improvements into detailed steps or actions with milestones, which although demanding, are achievable.

Stokes & Co have been involved in helping organisations achieve demanding business goals by undertaking the Project Management aspect for Business Owners who recognized that without that input they were guaranteed to fail.

Other applications of the techniques have included absorption of an acquisition, wholesale improvement of operational processes and strategic cost reduction exercises.

Another interesting development has been a noticeable change of attitude by bank managers to requests for increased facilities when the supporting business plan contains project plans for delivering the changes or improvements involved i.e. the real 'how to'.

Stokes & Co's four phase methodology provides the client with certainty of cost, time and deliverables at each of 4 points in the whole process. The client therefore has complete visibility and control of the project itself, its risk assessment and contingency plans.

We are not well-read consultants; we are experienced hands on pragmatists with a successful track record.

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