Keeping your employees happy

Do you find payroll a headache?

With statutory sick, maternity, paternity and adoption pay, tax credits, and minimum wage legislation, payroll can be a minefield and there is nothing worse than upsetting your employees by paying them the wrong amount.

We offer an affordable solution to you with weekly, bi weekly or monthly payroll processing. And we will file your end of year returns on line, so that if you qualify as a small business you can participate in the Revenue's financial incentive scheme.

Our Payroll services are second to none. We provide a simple tailor made service especially geared to your particular business.

  • Simple collection of data
  • Totally personalised Service
  • Complete confidentiality at all times
  • Records Maintained off your premises
  • Saves on Staff costs and Training
  • No need to buy expensive payroll packages and support
  • Straight forward charging structure
  • Support and advice on employment and employee matters
  • All end of year returns completed
  • P11d & S198 Service available

Assistance with PAYE & NI investigations and enquiries

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