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Our Fees Policy

There are basically two ways in which we charge fees. These are either on a time basis or an agreed fixed fee.

90% of our clients elect for a fixed fee service so that there are no misunderstandings or dispute over costs etc. Once agreed, then ordinarily there would never be any large increases in fees year on year, unless a considerable amount of additional work was undertaken. This would always be discussed so that our clients never have any unexpected payments to make.

This has proven to be an extremely successful partnership with our clients, as they know exactly what the level of fees will be and as a result, we always obtain payment promptly and do not ever have fee disputes with our clients.

In the case of investigations, or where clients elect to pay on a time basis, then we will agree a fee ceiling level, and will then carry out work on a client's behalf until that ceiling point is reached, at which time an invoice is generated. That way, there is never the build up of unbilled time from us, and again our clients do not experience unexpected large fees.

Our fixed fee policy has proven to be completely successful.