Tax & VAT Investigations

With most taxes now being self-assessed, the probability of a taxpayer being subjected to a random tax investigation has never been higher. Such investigations take the form of:

  • An enquiry by the Inland Revenue into Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • An examination into Employer records (PAYE, NIC, Benefits in Kind, Employment Status)
  • An enquiry into Corporation Tax Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • An investigation by Customs & Excise

We have a highly experienced tax team, including former Inland Revenue Inspectors and other senior staff, and we are able to protect clients from the outcomes of such unwanted scrutiny. We, typically, offer this service in a structured approach:

Ensuring all compliance work is completed to the highest possible standards, utilising our own internal quality control procedures, and lodging all relevant returns with the appropriate authorities in a timely professional manner.

Actively seeking potential compliance problems, when performing other work for clients, so that problems can be identified and corrected at an early stage.

Providing stand alone tax health checks, which can be performed in isolation, or just prior to an investigation visit.

Briefing clients on procedure and their potential exposure prior to an Investigating Officer's interview.

For added peace of mid we also offer an Insurance Scheme to enable clients to insure against the costs of the profession fees incurred in dealing with a random Tax or VAT Investigation.

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